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Photography Competition Winners

Spring 2013
   Judged by: Michael Gilbert, Carl Caylor, Padraic Deasy

   Omer Chatziserif - "Nude Meaning" - Winner Outstanding Photo Award, Professional

    TBA - Editor's Choice Award, Professional
     Michael Bilotta - "the Collective" - Honorable mention, Professional
     Christopher Ruane - "In Search Of" - Honorable mention, Professional
     Saeed Rezvanian - Untitled - Honorable mention, Professional
     Cole Thompson - "Auschwitz No 14" - Honorable mention, Professional

   Michael Bilotta - "Riddles In The Dark" - Winner Outstanding Photo Award, Non-Professional

    TBA - Editor's Choice Award, Non-Professional
     Goran Jovic - "Rain Boy" - Honorable Mention, Non-Professional
     Goran Jovic - "The Line" - Honorable Mention, Non-Professional

Finalists - Professional

   Assaf Matarasso - "L'enfant terrible"
   Barbara Breitsameter - "Hopper's Light"
   Christopher Ruane - "The Good Samaritan"
   Catherin Colaw - "Cement"
   Cole Thompson - "Lone Man No. 20"
   Cole Thompson -"Swimming Towards the Light"
   Cole Thompson -"The Dunes of Nude No. 43"
   Cristina - Venedict"divorce"
   Cristina - Venedict"drawing dreams"
   Cristina - Venedict"Too Little For This Big World"
   Dorn Brothers - "Resolve"
   Frances - Melhop"pinhole # 1"
   Frances - Melhop"pinhole # 2"
   Guido Dingemans - "Ashura inferno (Bijar Iran 2012)"
   Javier Arcenillas - "Red Note"
   Midori Jordan - "superhero"
   Midori Jordan - "Rise and shine"
   Stuart Chape - "Boat harbour"
   Stuart Chape - "Svalbard 20"
   Stuart Chape - "Svalbard 26"
   Stuart Chape - "Low tide 1"
   Stuart Chape - "Paddlers"
   Saeed Rezvanian - "135 Trees"
   Saeed Rezvanian - Untitled
   William & Katherine Horton - "Sanctuary 13"

Finalists - Non-professional

   Alan Phelps - "A cooling swim in the pool"
   Daniel Butcher - "Tree Reflection"
   Dareen Hussein - "AJ"
   Gerry Dotto - "Embarrassment of Riches"
   Hugh Jones - "to the stars"
   Hugh Jones - "Thunder Iguazu Falls"
   Hugh Jones - "My Main Squeeze Frida"
   Hugh Jones - "Caribbean Rhythms"
   J Hackett Maus - "Spy Snow"
   Johan Brattheim - "Switch Tower I"
   Johan Brattheim - "Trondheim"
   Johan Brattheim - "The Graffiti Man"
   Keith Urry - "In the shade"
   Nigel Bullers - "Alone"
   Oleg Kem - "Photo from the family archive"
   Oleg Kem - "End of story"
   Oleg Kem - "Caught"
   Stella Rothe - "Eternity's Bride"

Summer 2012
   Judged by: Michael Gilbert, Laurie Klein, Kerry Jordan

   Heather Evans Smith "The Midway" - Outstanding Photo Award, Professional
   - Editor's Choice Award, Professional

   Hugh Jones "Into the Stream" - Outstanding Photo Award, Non-Professional
   - Editor's Choice Award, Non-Professional

Finalists - Professional

   Alethea Norene - "Suzy"
   Chan Kwok Hung - "Bathe"
   Chan Kwok Hung - "Rush Hour #2"
   Heather Evans Smith - "The Heart and the Heavy"
   Heather Evans Smith - "Flight"
   Heather Evans Smith - "The Voyager"
   Jennifer Georgescu - "Sand, Stone, Dead Leaves and Bone, untitled #1"
   Jennifer Georgescu - "Sand, Stone, Dead Leaves and Bone, untitled #2"
   Jury Anatzki - "Reconstruction"
   Larry Louie- "Reaching for a Dream"
   Larry Louie- "Working Children: Covered in Powder"
   Larry Louie- "Thru the Looking Glass"
   Larry Louie- "Nepalese Temple"
   Larry Louie- "Beyond the Darkness"
   Larry Louie- "Sewing"
   Larry Louie- "Looking Back"
   Larry Louie- "Smoke Break"
   Larry Louie- "Brick Laborer"
   Larry Louie- "Old Tanner"
   Larry Louie- "Toxic Leather"
   Larry Louie- "Djenne Temple"
   Nicola Taylor - "Like Ghosts from an Enchanter Fleeing"
   Rafal Maleszyk - "Old Pier Dressed"
   Roberta Allen - "Untitled"
   S. Gayle Stevens - "through my looking glass"
   S. Gayle Stevens - "nocturnes 3"
   Saeed Rezvanian - "Somewhere Farther"
   Viet Van Tran - "Praying"

Finalists - Non-professional

   Brittany 'Stigler - "Passivity"
   Brittany 'Stigler - "Untitled"
   Brittany 'Stigler - "Fusion"
   Ewa Lachowicz - "Study about human condition (Self-Portrait)"
   Hugh Jones - "Iguazu Waterfall Argentina"
   Hugh Jones - "Off the trail Patagonia 1"
   Hugh Jones - "Waltzing Matilda"
   Hugh Jones - "here and then"
   Jamie Bollenbacher - "The Life and Times"
   Jörgen Rönn - "Almost there"
   Lesley C. Weston - "fallen"
   Pierre Hauser - "On the Edge"
   Pierre Hauser - "Me and My Shadow"
   Pierre Hauser - "Construction Walkway"
   Pierre Hauser - "Puddle-wonderful"
   Pierre Hauser - "Longest Night"
   Willy Conley - "Watergraph #1"
   Willy Conley - "Watergraph #2"
   Willy Conley - "Watergraph #4"

Winter 2011
   Judged by: Carl Caylor, Carol Andrews Jensen, Cheri McCallum

   Rui Pires "The Rural Trio" - Outstanding Photo Award, Professional
   Saeed Rezvanian "Before The Beginning" - Editor's Choice Award, Professional

   Nenad Saljic "Matterhorn: Sunset Clouds" - Outstanding Photo Award, Non-Professional
   Nenad Saljic "Matterhorn" series - Editor's Choice Award, Non-Professional

Finalists - Professional

   Brian T. Silak - "Fall Tree"
   Andrei Iliescu - "Cinema Show"
   Julie Ziesemann - "ourself concealed"
   Chan Kwok Hung - "Working In The Morning"
   Mike Haley - "Pas de Deux"
   Cynthia Walpole - "Green-crowned Brilliant 8562"
   Tina Jokitalo - "Fly away little bird"
   Bill Brokaw - "Christina the Redeemer"
   Saeed Rezvanian - "Inside"
   Nicola Taylor - "Music for those who listen"
   Nicola Taylor - "La Que Sabe"
   Rui Pires - "The Eagle´s Girl"
   Jennifer Georgescu - "Sand, Stones, Dead Leaves and Bones"
   Tom Wundrak- "Woman by the window reading a book"
   Fabio Affuso - "Antoni Lobetti"
   Manuel Cosentino - "Behind a Little House (Series)"
   Stephanie Saclolo - "of deception or deliverance?"

Finalists - Non-professional

   Guilherme Stoner - "No bar, no woman, no life..."
   Anna Rowser - "To Sleep, Perchance to Dream"
   Nenad Saljic - "A church inside a church 1"
   Nenad Saljic - "Into the Mist"
   Nenad Saljic - "Matterhorn: Twilight Clouds"
   Nenad Saljic - "Petrified 1"
   Nenad Saljic - "Solitude 4"
   Dennis Hodges - "Fall" from the series 1 tree 4 seasons"
   Dennis Hodges - series - "A modern relationship"
   Dennis Hodges - "Urban flamingos"
   Sabato Visconti - "The Boy that Stayed and the Boy that Went"

Summer 2011
   Judged by: Carl Caylor, Carol Andrews Jensen, Joel Grimes

   Rafal Maleszyk "Sunflower's Army" - Outstanding Photo Award, Professional
   Bonnie Jones "He Took the Butter" - Editor's Choice Award, Professional

   Kalliope Amorphous "Bottom of the Sea" - Outstanding Photo Award, Non-Professional
   Hugh Jones "Traces, Grand Canyon" - Editor's Choice Award, Non-Professional

Finalists - Professional

   Alan Brown - "WIcked Stark Tree Sunrise, Oahu"
   Bonnie Jones - "To Market"
   Bonnie Jones - "How It Was"
   Catherine Martinoff- untitled
   Chan Kwok Hung - "Harvest Day"
   Claudio Allia - "Flower Pots #1"
   Daniel Haeker - "This Is Who I Am"
   Jana Asenbrennerova - "No Cable Access"
   Jana Asenbrennerova - "Ship Breakers of Chittagong"
   Jeremy Fokkens - "Look After Yourself, Look After One Another"
   Jeremy Fokkens - "Happy Feet"
   Juergen Lechner - "Pinhole Counterworld 4"
   Juergen Lechner - "Pinhole Counterworld 13"
   Juergen Lechner - "Pinhole Counterworld 17"
   Marcella Hackbardt - "Imminence"
   Matt Walford - "Pink Dresses"
   Matt Walford - "Library Sentinel"
   Nicholas Bardonnay - "Into White Light"
   Patrizia Burra - "Breakfast"
   Peter Ciccariello - "aks&& #4"
   Sabato Visconti - "The Seductionel"
   Svetlana Batura - "Mental equilibrium"

Finalists - Non-professional

  Daniel Haeker - "Written In The Wind"
  Daniel L Camacho-Sanchez - "Reflection"
  Estelle Joannou - Untitled 1 from "these Women"
  Habeeb Ali - "Mr"
  Haeker Daniel - "Existence II"
  Hugh Jones - "Dorothy in Oz"
  Hugh Jones - "Mobius Score for Violin Duet"
  Hugh Jones - "Tree of Life 2"
  Hugh Jones - "Trace Crystal City Virginia "
  Hugh Jones - "Tree of Life 1"
  Jacqueline Langelier - "untitled 2"
  Jenn Verrier - "Willows I"
  Jörgen Rönn - "Fog"
  Jörgen Rönn - "The net"
  Louis Staeble - "To The Victor The Spoils"
  Nitin Budhiraja - "The Tree"
  Sabato Visconti - "Lost Violent Souls"
  Scarlett Rooney - "Talk to Me"--"
  Scarlett Rooney - "African Diaspora, Maasai Mara"
  Tom Maciejewski - "Dialogue"

Winter 2010
   Judged by: Doug Box, Jennifer Wilson & Cheri MacCallum

   Chan Kwok Hung "Goal" - Outstanding Photo Award, Professional
   Ryan forster "Water Eagle" - Editor's Choice Award, Professional

   Marcela Bolívar "A Wanderer's Home" - Outstanding Photo Award, Non-Professional
   Svetlana Batura "silent morning" - Editor's Choice Award, Non-Professional

Finalists - Professional

   Catherin Colaw - "Neck"
   Catherin Colaw - "Hair"
   Chan Kwok Hung - "Fearless"
   Chan Kwok Hung - "Buffalo Race"
   Chan Kwok Hung - "Goal"
   Daniel Haeker - "Existence"
   Jeremy Fokkens - "Fireworks"
   Julie Blichmann - "Mesa Arch"
   Louie Larry - "Defying Gravity"
   Louie Larry - "Nepalese Smiles"
   Larry Louie - "Tibetan Prayer Flags 6"
   Larry Louie - "Living Under the Bridge"
   Larry Louie - "Tibetan Monastery"
   Ron Brown - "Here at the Cross"
   Ryan forster - "water eagle"
   simon jones - "Ghost Ship"
   William Goodwin - "Shrimp in a Sponge Funnel"
   William Goodwin - "A Fish, a Shrimp, a Sponge"

Finalists - Non-professional

   Svetlana Batura - "silent morning"
   Svetlana Batura - "Allegro con Moto"
   Marcela Bolívar - "At noon"
   Marcela Bolívar - "A wanderer's home"
   Alex Burgess - "Last Minute Cramming"
   Paul Cowell - "Dolphin's Dinner"
   Daniel Haeker - "The World Is Not Enough"
   Wendy Heinzelman - "UpperCanyon"
   Hugh Jones - "Alice In Wonderland"
   Hugh Jones - "vie de Boheme 1913"
   Hugh Jones - "Bridge at Halong Bay"
   Blue mitchell - "Fervor"
   Blue mitchell - "Loophole"
   Pedro Pages - "encallado"
   Marian Whalen - "Tines"

Spring 2010
   Judged by: Jacklyn Harrison, Carl Caylor & Jen Wilson

   William Horton - Outstanding Photo Award, Professional
   Tom Chambers - Editor's Choice Award, Professional

   Jan Luit - Outstanding Photo Award, Non-Professional
   Catlin Harrison - Editor's Choice Award, Non-Professional

Finalists - Professional

   Jennifer Adams - "Hero's Son"
   Holly Brown - "A Farmer's Peace"
   Tom Cambers - "Goatherd"
   Sandy Edelstein - "Keppela Kiss"
   William Horton - "I'm Here"
   Mindy Harris - "Kissable"
   Chieko Tanemura - "Knitting"
   Hao Tran - "My Best Friend"
   Chuck Uebele - "Father Daughter"
   Caron Van Orman - "Double Dimple"
   Maria-Mihaela Vass - "Bond"
   Rachael Waller - "Mustang 42"

Finalists - Non-professional

   Mary Brown - Embrace
   Mark Harary - Grand Central Terminal
   Catlin Harrison - Self Image (green)
   Hugh Jones - Reunion
   Jan Luit - Free Floating
   Carrie Wendt - Hidden Frog
   Shannon West - Transformation

"Rural Trio" by Rui Pires, Lisbon, Portugal- © Rui Pires

"Matterhorn: Sunset Clouds" by Nenad Saljic, Switzerland- © Nenad Saljic

"Sunflower's Army" by Rafal Maleszyk, Waipahu, Hawaii- © Rafal Maleszy

"Breakfast" by Patrizia Burra, Grado, Italy- © Patrizia Burra

"Goal" by Chan Kwok Hung, Hong Kong- Copyright © Chan Kwok Hung

"A Wanderer's Home" by Marcela Bolívar, Cali, Colombia Copyright © Marcela Bolívar

"I'm here" by William Horton, Boulder, Colorado Copyright © William Horton