"Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Camera Obscura is the kind of publication that will definitely keep readers demanding print publications they can hold in their hands..."
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"Camera Obscura is a well-edited compilation of fine fiction and photography worth considering for collections of contemporary American literature."
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Each issue of the Camera Obscura Journal will be a full-color, perfect-bound volume of the best literature and photography we can obtain. Our goal is to produce a journal that will be not only something to read and enjoy but to keep out in plain sight, bringing together literary fiction and photography, expanding the audience of both. (Discounted copies are available for writers and photographers who submit work for consideration). Purchase single copies (available issues) or subscribe online below.

Camera Obscura Journal of Literature & Photography - ISSN 2156-5678 is distributed nationally by:
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Vol 6 Equinox 2013- $12 view content

Vol 5 Autumnal 2012- $12 view content

Vol 4 Vernal 2012 - $12 view content

Vol 3 Summer/Fall 2011- $12 view content

Vol 2 Winter/Spring 2010 - $12 view content

Vol 1 Summer 2010 - $9 view content

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