All great deeds and all great thoughts have a ridiculous beginning. Great works are often born on a street corner or in a restaurant's revolving door.
- Albert Camus

Camera Obscura Journal Volume 2

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   Editor - M.E. Parker
   Associate Prose Editors - Meredith Doench, Tim Horvath, Shane Oshetski
   Photography Editor - Kate Parker
   Associate Photography Editor - Laura Wootan
   Photography Judges- Doug Box, Cheri MacCallum , Jennifer Wilson

Web Content - Bridge the Gap Gallery.
  *Stories born when two images meet.

   Vacancies   by Megan Fink. Bridged the gap in April.
   Fool's Gold   by Beth Bosworth. Bridged the gap in December.
   Runner   by Marissa Coon. Bridged the gap in October.
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Print Journal - Winter 2010 Find previous issues linked below
(Some content from previous issues is now available online.)

Fiction by
  Amanda Yskamp
  E.M. Schorb
  Greg Oaks
  Henriett Lazaridis Power
  K.R. Sands
  Mark Budman
  Peter Tieryas Liu Read "The Wolf's Choice"
  Samantha Stiers
  Scott Nadelson (read interview)  Read "Backfill"
  Sunshine LeMontree
  Thisbe Nissen Read "Deer at Rest"
  Rosebud Ben-Oni Editors' Choice - Fiction (read interview)
                            Read Ben-Oni's "A Way out of the Colonia"

Photography of
   (view complete competition results here)
   Alex Burgess
   Blue Mitchell
   Catherin Colaw
   Chan Kwok Hung Outstanding Photo Award, Professional
   Daniel Haeker
   Hugh Jones
   Julie Blichmann
   Larry Louie Editor's Choice Award, Professional
   Marcela Bolívar Outstanding Photo Award, Non-Professional
   Paul Cowell
   Ronald Brown
   Ryan Forster
   Simon Jones
   Svetlana Batura Editor's Choice Award, Non-Professional
   William Goodwin

Reviewed on Newpages
"...Camera Obscura is a fire burning at the center of our field of vision; a note to the world; and a marvelous embodiment of the play of light and darkness in the best, most generous sense of these words and the artistry they represent. "

From Ruelle Electrique
"It's like reading at an art gallery (something I've never done, but which I feel like I have after reading this journal)."
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      Cover - "Water Eagle" by Ryan Forster - Coburg, Victoria, Australia
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